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The Kelly Award

The Kellys came to Gloucester Pool in 1959, and Bill Kelly was elected President of the Cottagers' Association in the early '60s. In those days there were fewer cottages in the area than is the case today, though demographics were similar: older cottagers and younger families, with the inevitable generation gap in between.

Bill felt it important to bring people of all ages together; to encourage a family atmosphere and family activities. Clubhouse dances and other social functions were organized with this aim in mind. But all organized events need effort on someone’s part, and in recognition of this he donated a trophy to be presented annually to the person who - in the opinion of a selection committee formed for the purpose - had demonstrated particularly note-worthy involvement in 'Pool' matters.


Past winners of the Kelly Award
1961 Andy Thomson Family
1962 Ken Drummond Family
1963 Ted Dearing Family
1964 Bill and Sue Dunsmoor
1965 Junior Pool Club
Ron Breckbill, President
1966 William Kelly Family
1967 Ken Leitch Family
1968 Jim and Helen Bull Family
1969 Hugh Elsam Family
1970 Lloyd Dunlop Family
1971 Harold Greenwood Family
1972 Robert Dusto Family
1973 Herb and Roisin White
1974 J. Casey
1975 Ron and Shirley Yeoman
1976 Ken Drummond Family
1977 Jack DeBoer Family
1978 Herb and Roisin White
1979 Bill and Sue Dunsmoor
1980 Howard Price Family
1981 Jim and Helen Bull Family
1982 Doug and Carolyn Quick
1983 Bob Freeman Family
1984 Dave and Barb Duff
1985 Gord and Linda Stevens
1986 John and Ginny Allen
1987 Jeanne Carson
1988 Bob and Katherine Byrnes
1989 Bob and Jim Dunlop
1990 Ron and Brenda Robinson
1991 Frank and Alma Dimock
1992 Jack Leeming
1993 E.N. Camplin
1994 George Gallagher
1995 Martin Jackson Family
1996 Bruce Cockburn
1997 Ross and Angela Newham
1998 Steve McMartin Family
1999 Naomi Emmett Family
2000 James Even and Dave Allan
2001 Paul and Carole Schmid
2002 Greg Sutcliffe Family
2003 Amanda Sutcliffe & Graham Jones
2004 Dave & Joanne Allan
2005 Paul Christenson
2006 Cheryl Fraser, Janice Mitchell, and Pat Chandler




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