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Gloucester Pool Cottagers’ Association (GPCA)
Ad Hoc Committee in regard to the Township of Georgian Bay Official Plan Review Process
(“Official Plan Review Committee”)


The Township of Georgian Bay (TGB) started an Official Plan Review approximately two years ago.  The primary work has been conducted by consultants.  A draft of a proposed Official Plan dated 08 June 2012 was published by the TGB.  An open house was held on the evening of 20 July 2012 at the Baxter Ward Community Centre and comments have been requested by 17 August 2012.  This is an issue which pertains primarily to the residents of the TGB. 

Several members and others in the community have brought concerns regarding the Official Plan to me and other members. In light of the relevance of this Review to our TGB members and the concerns that others have raised I have constituted an ad hoc Committee to manage the tasks implicit in participating in the review(s) of successive drafts of the proposed Official Plan.
It is essential to the successful completion of the Committee’s responsibilities that effective two-way passage of information be established between the Committee and the members.   While this matter is of primary interest to TGB members of the GPCA, it is not a matter of exclusivity to this group.  Any member of the GPCA is welcome to request information and engage in communications with regard to this subject and to communicate concerns to the Committee and/or the GPCA Officers.

Composition of Ad Hoc Committee
Chair               Nick Hodson
Members         Bob Byrnes
                        Don Campbell

Terms of Reference

  1. To communicate information regarding the TGB Official Plan to members of the GPCA in regard to successive drafts of consultant/staff proposals for a new Official Plan.
  2. To seek members input and receive feed-back from members as requested by the Ad Hoc Committee and to receive member initiated communications.
  3. To submit responses to successive drafts, including input from TGB members of the GPCA, for approval by the GPCA Officers and subsequent forwarding to TGB staff.
  4. To identify other parties with common interests in the review process and liaise with such parties when deemed to be in the GPCA’s interest.
  5. To attend open houses, general meetings and “Public Meetings” to be scheduled by the Township in accordance with its critical path and milestones.
  6. To make public representation, as required, in accordance with the above-mentioned milestones.
  7. To conduct research, communicate with government and other agencies, communicate with and, if necessary, poll members and generally engage in activities conducive to a comprehensive and diligent analysis and assessment of the TGB Official Plan
  8. To report to the GPCA Officers on an ongoing/as required basis on this matter.

GPCA weighs in on GB Township Official Plan Review





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