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Environmental Issues

Water Testing

The GPCA has started investigating Gloucester Pools water quality. The testing is being funded by the District of Muskoka, the township of Georgian Bay and the GBA Foundation. For more info on Water Quality click <<here>>.

Eurasian Milfoil

We became aware of the extreme growth of Eurasion Watermilfoil (milfoil) this past spring and viewed the dramatic results during our water testing trip in the fall. Based on this, your board of directors sanctioned a survey of our lakes conducted by Kyle Borrowman, a biologist with Envirosciences Inc.. For the full report on the Water Milfoil situation, click <<here>>.

Canada Geese on Little Lake

Canada Geese are a majestic bird, long necked with black and white contrast creating a wonderful natural sight. Most of us love to watch them fly during their migration. Our problem is that the Canada Geese on Little Lake are not migrating.
For more details on the problems caused by the geese and what we can do click << here>>

Canadian Wildlife Services Egg Oiling Permit

This committee with the help of many fellow cottagers have been collecting property owner permissions to oil goose eggs on their properties. At the present time we have about 400 names plus the 236 members of Port Severn Campers Association to submit to Canadian Wildlife Services. Ministry of Natural Resources and both Severn and Georgian Bay Township Councils have given their support to the GPCA for egg oiling in accordance with Canadian Wildlife Services permits on their properties. Businesses on the lakes are also on our list.

Fill in the Egg Oiling Permission form to show support for our program

Trumpter Swans

Trumpeter Swans represent the romance and serenity of a time gone by. We have had several nesting pairs on our lakes in the past years. Click <<here>> for more info.

Giant Hogweed - THIS PLANT IS NASTY!

Touch one on a sunny day, and you're likely to have a nasty blister, similar to poison ivy.
Click <<here>> for more info.


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